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Geothermal Heat Pumps in Northeastern PA

Geothermal heat pumps can provide a cost-effective heating solution for homes in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and Moscow, PA. In fact, these heating systems are so eco-friendly that you will find a number of tax and other incentives to encourage you to install one in your home. Yet, once you have one installed, you’re going to want to know that you have a resource to help you keep it running as it should. As part of our comprehensive list of heating services in Moscow, Scranton, and Wilkes-Barre, T.E. Spall & Son is pleased to offer services for geothermal heat pumps.

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Why Should I Install a Geothermal Heat Pump System in Pennsylvania?

  • In Northeastern Pennsylvania, the subterranean geothermal temperature is steady in the mid-50s all year long. This temperature range is ideal for a geothermal heating and cooling system installation. In the summer the ground is sufficiently cool enough to handle most of your cooling needs and in the winter, the system will only need to warm the air a fraction of the amount it would if it were a traditional heating system.
  • Energy costs are increasing and are projected to continue increasing for the foreseeable future. With heating and cooling accounting for more than fifty percent of an average home’s energy bill, a geothermal heat pump will help you offset rising energy costs.
  • Federal and local incentives are helping to make geothermal systems more affordable. Federal incentives expire in 2016 and local incentives expire when money runs out, so take advantage of these before they go away!
  • Geothermal heat pumps increase the value of your home. Studies have shown that energy efficient homes not only sell for more, but sell more quickly.
  • Geothermal heat pumps are very efficient. New systems can return up to $5 for every $1 that you spend on electricity!
  • Geothermal heat pumps have a long lifespan. The heating and cooling components have a lifespan of more than twenty years and the ground looping should be expected to last at least 50 years, assuming proper usage and maintenance.

Receive a Free Geothermal System Estimate

Are you interested in installing a geothermal heating and cooling system to help keep your home comfortable with lower energy bills? If so, we are ready to help. We offer the benefit of a no-cost, no-obligation estimate that will help you see how much these systems cost, and will also help you calculate your potential savings. This is just one of our many heating services in Moscow, Scranton, and Wilkes-Barre that is designed to ensure you are making the best possible use out of your home’s comfort systems.

Whether you are looking for installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, T.E. Spall & Son will help you keep your geothermal heat pump in good repair, ready to keep your family warm and comfortable without the higher energy bills of a natural gas furnace. Our expert technicians are dedicated to helping you make the right decisions about your home’s comfort systems, whether that is a geothermal system or something else altogether. We can also help you understand the benefits of installing a geothermal heat pump and help you see how, with tax incentives and energy savings, you could be able to offset the higher installation cost in as little as five years.

If you have questions about geothermal heat pumps, give us a call at 877-591-7508. You can also contact T.E. Spall & Son online to learn more about our heating services and geothermal heat pump benefits.

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